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A review provided by my sister: “We would have a difficult time summing up in few words how delighted we were by the outstanding services rendered by Joe Perrelli in refinishing our hardwood floors. Instead, we’ll elaborate!

We recently purchased a home with five bedrooms, a living room and dining room that needed to be refinished in addition to a large upstairs hallway and staircase. The work done was entirely and miraculously by Joe himself, with one assistant who occasionally worked right alongside Joe. The work was completed within the timeline that Joe specified when he came in to give us his estimate. Not only was his estimate the most reasonable of those we gained but also we selected Joe based on his professionalism and his incredibly thorough knowledge of his craft. From his personality, to his customer service, to the way he seamlessly involved us in handling every issue that arose to our satisfaction, we couldn’t have been more pleased. For example, we had extensive staining left from the previous owners of the home, and Joe invited us to view the stains as he sanded, buffed and then stained in several stages until the appearance of the stains was so reduced that they were scarcely visible any longer. He is a master craftsman in every way.

We would eagerly and without any hesitation recommend Joe Perrelli Floor Refinishing to any friend or family member in need of such a service. He is a class act in every way, answering his calls immediately (or within very few hours of receiving a message), showing up to work precisely when he has specified, and seeing our project through to a quality beyond that which we could ever have imagined. We are pleased to be able to sincerely write such a glowing review for Joe Perrelli. It is truly well-deserved.”

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