Wood Floor Refinishing

Once the floors are sanded, our wood floor experts examine them closely to find and fix any problems that may run deeper than the sanding could remove. We fill any cracks, gouges or nail holes that we find. Once the wood floor repairs are completed, we stain your floor and then apply a durable top coat to protect your investment.

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Hardwood Restoration

Floors get beaten up and mistreated for a variety of reasons. If you have a wood floor that’s seen better days, call Perrelli Wood Floor Refinishing. We can bring that old, worn and tired wood floor back to life with our hardwood restoration and repair techniques.

Wood Floor Refinishing Buffalo NY

Dustless Floor Sanding

Where other sanders kick dust into the air that must be later cleaned up and removed, our dust containment system pulls all the dust out of your home and straight into the containment unit in our truck outside, keeping the inside of your home clean and 99.8% dust-free.

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Are your floors looking scratched or dull?

We can renew them with No Dust. No Mess